WebOb WSGI request and response objects

What is it?

WebOb is a Python library that provides wrappers around the WSGI request environment, and an object to help create WSGI responses. The objects map much of the specified behavior of HTTP, including header parsing, content negotiation and correct handling of conditional and range requests.

This helps you create rich applications and valid middleware without knowing all the complexities of WSGI and HTTP.

WebOb is a project under the Pylons Project.

WebOb benefits

  • Maps most of HTTP spec to friendly data structures.
  • Time-proven codebase that works around and hides all known WSGI quirks.
  • Zero known issues (reported bugs are always fixed ASAP).
  • 100% test coverage.
  • No external dependencies.
  • Supports Python 3.

Notable frameworks and websites using WebOb